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What DigiSeed is all about is described it DigiSeed Art Manifesto. How all this came into being is a story going back to the end of the eighties, and how I started to see a development in the Art World. Already then one could see that art historians and gallerists with a concept, started to pair with the investment industry. Later this developed into the ruling of the high end art industry by curators.

The best description I know of what happened and where we stand today, is found in the book 'Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else'. The book is written by David Balzer who today is Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Art.

For me as an artist, in the end I refused to be part of the art industry, so after finishing a larger project with large sponsor money and patronage from UNESCOs HQ in Paris, I just left the western art scene and settled in Egypt for nearly fourteen years. Coming back to Norway in 2003, I had already decided not to be part of any exhibitions, but the reality for art was even worse than when I left for Egypt in 1990. It took some years before I started to look for alternatives to curationism and art galleries.

I have to admit that it took me many years to find a real solution, and when I found what would work for me, I also wanted to make it work for others. With great help from the teacher and writer Roar Ulvestad I ended up with the name DigiSeed.

Honestly, DigiSeed is new for me as well, but it's open for all artists, sites for original contemporary art, to use this concept. July 2016 is the first time it's made open, and ideas for adjustments or new areas of use, these are all appreciated. Let me know!

Arnvid Aakre
Founder of DigiSeed

DigiSeed, the Gutenberg effect for Fine Art